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Marquette High School

We have decided to take out some advertising on the very good Marquette High School newspaper - The Messenger.

In celebration we are going to offer packages to students and families of students at reduced rates.

Since its time for senior photos and you may not want that in studio setup, we are offering Senior portraits, out of studio for a reduced rate depending on what you want. We are also available to take prom photos.

Email or call us at 314-541-4961 and lets discuss what kind of shoot you would like and some location we can shoot at.

Let's go Pedal the Cause!

28 SEPT 2015 (ST LOUIS) - The 2014 version of Pedal the Cause (PTC) brought 2500 riders to downtown St. Louis this weekend to raise money to fight cancer.  In its fifth year, the ride has raised over $6 million to fund research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital.  The charity is unique in that it is able to donate 100% of rider raised money to fund some 40 research projects covering a broad range of research.  Business partners provide funding to run the event.  PTC is run over 2 days at the beginning of the fall each year.  The event has become so popular a similar ride was spun off in San Diego last year.

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According to Jay Indovino, the Executive Director of Pedal the Cause, 1 in 4 Americans will be touched by cancer sometime in their life.  You will contract cancer, you will know someone with cancer, you will raise money for cancer.   It has become almost inevitable.   This weekend I watched over 2,000 riders and a thousand or so volunteers raise over $2 million for cancer research in St. Louis.  Every dollar raised by the riders goes to research with all the admin costs born by corporate sponsors.   

We are busy getting the images from the weekend sorted and loaded to our sister site at and we will post when they are ready through social media.  But for now we will feed the images that really touch us through social media each day.  

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